Wednesday, February 23, 2011

entertain me system


I had to update my profile today because I am no longer 23 *sad face* lol.

I hit the big 2-4 on the 16th and I got a bunch of presents from my besties. Wanna see?

I'm not just showing you my hand lol.

My best friend took me for a mani/pedi. I'll spare you the photo of my toes ;)

Mike sent me flowers at work *sigh* he's so cute!

The presents were great, they were great and my birthday was so much fun :D

I also bought myself a little sumptin’ sumptin’… Remember my post about my birthday mood board? Well, I bought the bookcase/legs that I wanted…and I’m loving it! Seriously? What a difference right? (sorry for the pic quality)

The before pictures look so empty and sad. The tv was just begging me for a new home, and how could I deny that shiny black beauty? He (I think my tv is a boy) looks much more at home on this huge Expedit bookcase with all this storage. I have yet to really “decorate” it though, for now I just had to put my dvds away because leaving my movies on my new table was just not working for me.

If you’re wondering why I left it on the right side of the bookcase….I don’t really have an answer. I asked my boyfriend to hook everything up for me and that’s how he did it. I’m going to leave it like that for a few days and see how I like it. Another thing that may look funny is the open space in the left side. I’m thinking of putting a tall (fake) plant or maybe those long decorative bamboo sticks. I’ll figure something out, but for now it’s going to stay empty. I also have to do some major cord control! Sheesh, I have like a million things back there.

Well that's all for now (I'm on my lunch break :P but I have some other projects coming up!)


Anonymous said...

your place is looking great, ginny! you also have great pals! ps:: i hated building those boxes from IKEA that you have under your tv. who knew you had to build a box :).

G's_art said...

Thanks! Yeah, they are pretty cool peeps :P And I agree, for Ikea being so builder friendly those boxes sucked! lol