Sunday, February 6, 2011

chair reveal

I'm so excited to finally share the newest addition to my living room! Last week I showed you guys the office chair that I wanted to update. It's very plain jane and didn't go with the rest of my decor so I wanted to make it gorgeous. I wanted it bright pink but instead of painting it, I wanted to see if spray paint would work. I sprayed a little on the legs of the chair and it set pretty well so I sprayed the remainder of it. Boy oh boy, I shouldn't have done that.
Remember when I talked about shiny/veneer wood? The chair had a gloss coat on it, so when I tried to spray a second coat of the pink I got a million air bubbles.

Talk about heart break. I can't even explain how upset I was. Not only because the air bubbles ruined my chair, but because I wasted an entire can of spray paint :(
Sooooo, I had to redo everything. I went back a couple steps and sanded everything down.
Sorry for the terrible photo, I don't know why it came out so blurry =/. Anyways after 30 minutes of sanding I rummaged through my paints and grabbed the color I painted my bathroom with.
It's a medium toned gray that I felt would go perfectly with the pink/brown leopard (or is it cheetah?) print.

Ok ok I'll stop blabbing. Alas, the long awaited reveal is here! Check out the before and after!

What do you think? I'm totally in loveeeee...but that's just me ;)


Lindsey @ Better After said...

Wow, that is SASSY! Great job, and I know how that is, I never bother sanding things first and I usually live to regret it. Ugh! Turned out fabulous though!

Ruca Zombie said...

Hi! It's a beautiful chair. I'm doing a similar proyect. What kind of paint you used? Water based or oil?

G's_art said...

Thanks! It's a water based satin paint.