Wednesday, February 2, 2011

birthday mood board

I was looking at the calendar today and I noticed my birthday is coming up :)

So I thought it would be a good time to throw a mood board together for my living room. Ya know, in case anyone wants to get me anything
*flutters eyelashes*

All from Ikea
1. Basisk Pendant Lamp $16.99
2. Rens Sheepskin $24.99
3. Expedit Book Case $69.99
4. Capita Legs $14.00/4 pack
5. Jondal Mirror in Silver(Or any similar mirror) $49.99
6. Knipsa Basket $16.99

This is more for my entertainment system wall. My amazing boyfriend bought me a beautiful flat screen tv and now my small purple bookcase just aint cuttin' it. I would really love this Expedit bookcase to put on its side like a sideboard table. I really love all the storage that I would be able to get out of it. I'll put my dvds/cds/books and some decorative pieces in it, along with the Knispa baskets. I also wanted to add these Capita legs to the bookcase to give it a little omph. Since these pendant lamps are plug ins I would suspend them from the ceiling, one on each side of the tv to balance it. The sheepskin throw would go on my bubble chair...wouldn't that look cute? And finally the mirror is for...well just because I want it :)

Lets see if I get any of these on Feb 16th ;) lol.


she walks iin beauty said...

I've been wanting that bookcase forever! I've seen it used so many ways, even as a room divider, it's amazing lol. Have you seen the MONGSTAD mirror? I saw it at IKEA a few weeks ago, it's gorgeous! I think it would look really nice just leaning against a wall. Too bad all I can do is dream of decorating my future apartment...sigh...

Shay said...

I LOVE my Expedit bookcases.. I have two of them - one built into my desk and the other as a standalone bookcase. It works great on its side or upright. Definitely one of my favorite purchases from IKEA.