Tuesday, February 15, 2011

boyfriend bedroom part 2

This past weekend was a killer! I think my arms are still sore :( As you all know I’m helping my boyfriend re-do his bedroom. Last week we cleaned and spackled everything and on Friday we started sanding down and priming. After a few hours of goofing around, dancing and moving things out of the room, we finally started priming at 10pm and didn’t finish until 1:50 a.m. You guys have no idea how extremely happy I am that those horrendous planetarium blue walls are gone. It seriously looks so much bigger now, and for a split second I thought he should leave his walls like that….but then I remembered I love color :)

Speaking of that, he has yet to choose his color. He’s thinking of either an olive green or brown bedroom (which I totally approve of.) We woke up the next day bright and early in the afternoon and went to Ikea because I had to buy my table. We passed the bedding and browsed around for a comforter set for him. I made a mood board for him a few weeks ago and I saw the blanket I wanted for him, I showed him but he was just “eh” about it. Then I pointed out this one and he did like it but he remembered that it wouldn’t match the curtains he already bought that are brown and striped. Boo. But then he passed this one and jumped for joy. After running around Ikea to find a full/queen size he put it in the cart….but then left it when we were checking out! He said he wanted to make sure he painted his bedroom first before he bought a bed set that would end up not matching it. It was very wise choice :) So he left Ikea empty handed but with a bunch of ideas.

Check out our painting party of two pics….it was a good time lol


cocoyummy said...

Even the primer is an improvement lol.

G's_art said...

Isn't it? I love it! It looks 1,000x better than that awful blue ;) Thanks for reading!