Monday, February 21, 2011

fabulous finds

Every once in a while I am one of those lucky people who find great things at amazing prices. This past Thursday I was shopping with my boyfriend when I spotted a Pier 1. It was 9:15 p.m. and all the stores started closing, but I asked him if we could go inside really quick just to look around. The first thing we saw as we entered the store was a beautiful damask print chair with a price tag of $168.00. I kept walking but Mike stopped and said “look, its $20”. I stood there is disbelief; I couldn’t believe it was so cheap! I immediately started checking the chair for damages. I looked at the legs and they were perfect, I sat on the chair and it was strong and extremely sturdy. I looked at the pattern for color stains, or scratches on the legs and print. I couldn’t find ANYTHING!

The employee must have seen my puzzled face and made his way to us. He said the only thing wrong with the chair was that it had a tiny rip in the seam. I was already sold; I was going to take it…but remembering I only had 15 minutes to browse I left Mike talking with the employee. When I was done looking Mike told me he talked the guy down to $15! Lol…so I bought the chair for $16.32 with tax!!! How incredible is that?

As soon as we walked out of the store with my new purchase I remembered that my mom has a duvet the same exact color/style. Being the loving daughter that I am I decided to give it to her. When I got home I showed her the chair (which of course she loved) and told her it was hers. It looks great in her room, and it even looks great with the desk I made her.

Take a look at the beauty and the tiny rip that made my day :)

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Yanina said...

wow! thats an awesome find. the chair is gorgous