Wednesday, February 23, 2011

entertain me system


I had to update my profile today because I am no longer 23 *sad face* lol.

I hit the big 2-4 on the 16th and I got a bunch of presents from my besties. Wanna see?

I'm not just showing you my hand lol.

My best friend took me for a mani/pedi. I'll spare you the photo of my toes ;)

Mike sent me flowers at work *sigh* he's so cute!

The presents were great, they were great and my birthday was so much fun :D

I also bought myself a little sumptin’ sumptin’… Remember my post about my birthday mood board? Well, I bought the bookcase/legs that I wanted…and I’m loving it! Seriously? What a difference right? (sorry for the pic quality)

The before pictures look so empty and sad. The tv was just begging me for a new home, and how could I deny that shiny black beauty? He (I think my tv is a boy) looks much more at home on this huge Expedit bookcase with all this storage. I have yet to really “decorate” it though, for now I just had to put my dvds away because leaving my movies on my new table was just not working for me.

If you’re wondering why I left it on the right side of the bookcase….I don’t really have an answer. I asked my boyfriend to hook everything up for me and that’s how he did it. I’m going to leave it like that for a few days and see how I like it. Another thing that may look funny is the open space in the left side. I’m thinking of putting a tall (fake) plant or maybe those long decorative bamboo sticks. I’ll figure something out, but for now it’s going to stay empty. I also have to do some major cord control! Sheesh, I have like a million things back there.

Well that's all for now (I'm on my lunch break :P but I have some other projects coming up!)

Monday, February 21, 2011


Out of a zillion paint samples these are the final three.
We stared at the colors for an hour or so...
I'm not sure which one Mike will chose but I've got
my eye on the light yellow greenish color.

Which one do you like?

fabulous finds

Every once in a while I am one of those lucky people who find great things at amazing prices. This past Thursday I was shopping with my boyfriend when I spotted a Pier 1. It was 9:15 p.m. and all the stores started closing, but I asked him if we could go inside really quick just to look around. The first thing we saw as we entered the store was a beautiful damask print chair with a price tag of $168.00. I kept walking but Mike stopped and said “look, its $20”. I stood there is disbelief; I couldn’t believe it was so cheap! I immediately started checking the chair for damages. I looked at the legs and they were perfect, I sat on the chair and it was strong and extremely sturdy. I looked at the pattern for color stains, or scratches on the legs and print. I couldn’t find ANYTHING!

The employee must have seen my puzzled face and made his way to us. He said the only thing wrong with the chair was that it had a tiny rip in the seam. I was already sold; I was going to take it…but remembering I only had 15 minutes to browse I left Mike talking with the employee. When I was done looking Mike told me he talked the guy down to $15! Lol…so I bought the chair for $16.32 with tax!!! How incredible is that?

As soon as we walked out of the store with my new purchase I remembered that my mom has a duvet the same exact color/style. Being the loving daughter that I am I decided to give it to her. When I got home I showed her the chair (which of course she loved) and told her it was hers. It looks great in her room, and it even looks great with the desk I made her.

Take a look at the beauty and the tiny rip that made my day :)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

my tiffany's bedroom

I've always liked the look of a romantic bedroom.
Who wouldn't love waking up in plush bed sheets and
pulling gauzy curtains to the side to let the sun shine in?

I know I would :)

Look at the pics....*sigh*

Love Love LOVEEEE!

I have a Tiffany's Blue bedroom with all white furniture.
I would say it's my versionof semi-romantic :)
Here is a panoramic view I put together of my bedroom.
(sorry it's terrible this is my first one)

Here's some of my faves in my bedroom

1. My jewelry case. My mom gave it to me and it's where I keep my bangles.

2. My Dudero lamp

3. These flower centerpieces. My friend Andrea made them for her daughters birthday party, aren't they gorgeous?? I loved them so much I took 2!
Shhh, don't tell ;) They're hanging from my bed posts.

4. My Edward Cullen pillow. *sigh* I love my pillow....

but my boyfriend prefers Edward covered with this one.

5. & 6. A pic of me and mommy and my piggy bank.

7. My babies. My Helzberg teddy bear that my boo gave me Christmas 09
(along with a stunning necklace) and my Minnie Mouse doll my brothers
girlfriend gave me. (I'm a huge disney freak in case you don't know).
8. My window sill. It's filled with treasures :)

(My's a Ginny Original)

see all my Disney stuff? :)

9. My shoe rack. It's only in here because it didn't fit in my closet.

10. My jewelry pole.
It's hung up by those ceiling poles, and it's such a space saver.
Plus, it just looks pretty.

And here's the lady who inspired my bedroom.
Thanks for taking a tour of my room :D

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

valentines day 2011

So if you’re wondering if I reached my dining room in a weekend goal…the answer is kinda. On Friday I went to Walmart to grab the chairs I wanted. I spent 45 minutes going up and down the aisles, frantically looking through all the chairs and dining sets but they didn’t have them! After my pouting dance I went home and looked at the paper I printed out on the chairs. Apparently you have to click “Site to Store”….whoops. I’ve never been good at reading the fine print ;)

Though I didn’t get the chairs, I did get my table! When I saw this table I knew it was meant to be. I ran to the table but it felt like I was in slow motion with that love song theme on. It was the perfect size and height. I sat down and started day dreaming about all the wonderful meals I was going to cook eat, all the card games I would play, all the bills I would write on this table. I loved it…I loved it so much I took a picture with it. Yes, people did look at me like I was a weirdo for taking a picture with a table but whatever :) I wrote down the aisle and bin number and left Ikea with a very very heavy round box and a huge smile on my face.

Now, if you’re questioning why I needed a dining room in a weekend it was because I needed it for Valentines Day! Since I’m on this DIY kick I told Mike we should make our Valentines Day gifts. I decided to cook dinner…if you know me you know I DON’T COOK! Nope, never. After millions of years of women cooking I think men should cook. But that’s a whole other post that I don’t want to get into lol. Anyways, I wanted to cook a nice homemade meal and that’s when I realized we wouldn’t have anywhere to eat it, thus the dining room in a weekend.
Like I mentioned before, just putting chairs and a table in an area doesn’t make it a dining room. I set up the table and it just looks so lonely in this empty corner :( But I am decorating in stages…I don’t have a thousand dollars to splurge, so for now it’s just a table and 2 chairs I stole from my moms dining room table. She won’t mind ;) lol But I didn’t want it to look completely bare so I made a table runner with left over material I had.

I used iron hemming tape and just measured out a piece of cloth long enough to make a runner with. It was my first time using hemming tape and it’s so simple! Just iron it on and you’re done! Take a look at the pics of the “decorated dining room table”. I think it looks semi cute so far.

I have a million ideas for those 2 walls that I got from Ikea (of course) to make it homier. Maybe I’ll buy the stuff this weekend? Hopefully *fingers crossed* But besides the walls I also need place settings (I stole those 2 from mom), a vase/candle stick/or something decorative for the table. (This pic looks funny, but I swear everything looked better once the chairs and food were there lol)

As for the dinner I make 2 pork filets one garlic lemon and the other parmesan, garlic mashed potatoes, and steamed veggies. I was really proud of myself! It turned out great and I didn’t burn a thing ;) And my honey bunches made me a cartoon video of me and him where he’s singing the Plain White T’s Rhythm of Love song to me. I loved it so much I cried. He’s adorbs :). All in all this was a great Valentines Day!

boyfriend bedroom part 2

This past weekend was a killer! I think my arms are still sore :( As you all know I’m helping my boyfriend re-do his bedroom. Last week we cleaned and spackled everything and on Friday we started sanding down and priming. After a few hours of goofing around, dancing and moving things out of the room, we finally started priming at 10pm and didn’t finish until 1:50 a.m. You guys have no idea how extremely happy I am that those horrendous planetarium blue walls are gone. It seriously looks so much bigger now, and for a split second I thought he should leave his walls like that….but then I remembered I love color :)

Speaking of that, he has yet to choose his color. He’s thinking of either an olive green or brown bedroom (which I totally approve of.) We woke up the next day bright and early in the afternoon and went to Ikea because I had to buy my table. We passed the bedding and browsed around for a comforter set for him. I made a mood board for him a few weeks ago and I saw the blanket I wanted for him, I showed him but he was just “eh” about it. Then I pointed out this one and he did like it but he remembered that it wouldn’t match the curtains he already bought that are brown and striped. Boo. But then he passed this one and jumped for joy. After running around Ikea to find a full/queen size he put it in the cart….but then left it when we were checking out! He said he wanted to make sure he painted his bedroom first before he bought a bed set that would end up not matching it. It was very wise choice :) So he left Ikea empty handed but with a bunch of ideas.

Check out our painting party of two pics….it was a good time lol