Tuesday, February 15, 2011

valentines day 2011

So if you’re wondering if I reached my dining room in a weekend goal…the answer is kinda. On Friday I went to Walmart to grab the chairs I wanted. I spent 45 minutes going up and down the aisles, frantically looking through all the chairs and dining sets but they didn’t have them! After my pouting dance I went home and looked at the paper I printed out on the chairs. Apparently you have to click “Site to Store”….whoops. I’ve never been good at reading the fine print ;)

Though I didn’t get the chairs, I did get my table! When I saw this table I knew it was meant to be. I ran to the table but it felt like I was in slow motion with that love song theme on. It was the perfect size and height. I sat down and started day dreaming about all the wonderful meals I was going to cook eat, all the card games I would play, all the bills I would write on this table. I loved it…I loved it so much I took a picture with it. Yes, people did look at me like I was a weirdo for taking a picture with a table but whatever :) I wrote down the aisle and bin number and left Ikea with a very very heavy round box and a huge smile on my face.

Now, if you’re questioning why I needed a dining room in a weekend it was because I needed it for Valentines Day! Since I’m on this DIY kick I told Mike we should make our Valentines Day gifts. I decided to cook dinner…if you know me you know I DON’T COOK! Nope, never. After millions of years of women cooking I think men should cook. But that’s a whole other post that I don’t want to get into lol. Anyways, I wanted to cook a nice homemade meal and that’s when I realized we wouldn’t have anywhere to eat it, thus the dining room in a weekend.
Like I mentioned before, just putting chairs and a table in an area doesn’t make it a dining room. I set up the table and it just looks so lonely in this empty corner :( But I am decorating in stages…I don’t have a thousand dollars to splurge, so for now it’s just a table and 2 chairs I stole from my moms dining room table. She won’t mind ;) lol But I didn’t want it to look completely bare so I made a table runner with left over material I had.

I used iron hemming tape and just measured out a piece of cloth long enough to make a runner with. It was my first time using hemming tape and it’s so simple! Just iron it on and you’re done! Take a look at the pics of the “decorated dining room table”. I think it looks semi cute so far.

I have a million ideas for those 2 walls that I got from Ikea (of course) to make it homier. Maybe I’ll buy the stuff this weekend? Hopefully *fingers crossed* But besides the walls I also need place settings (I stole those 2 from mom), a vase/candle stick/or something decorative for the table. (This pic looks funny, but I swear everything looked better once the chairs and food were there lol)

As for the dinner I make 2 pork filets one garlic lemon and the other parmesan, garlic mashed potatoes, and steamed veggies. I was really proud of myself! It turned out great and I didn’t burn a thing ;) And my honey bunches made me a cartoon video of me and him where he’s singing the Plain White T’s Rhythm of Love song to me. I loved it so much I cried. He’s adorbs :). All in all this was a great Valentines Day!

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