Sunday, January 16, 2011

cleaning out my closet

So today I want to talk about my “closet”. I’m putting the word in quotes because this is technically a bedroom that I turned into my closet/office. The main bedroom had no closet and since it’s already crowded in there with my bed, side tables and dresses I said…Why not? If everyone else can have a walk-in closet, why can’t I?
A custom closet was insanely expensive so I just got the most basic wire closet organizer I could find at Lowes. My mom’s friend came in and measured it and put them up for me. I wanted this to be a multifunctional room, so I just made one side my closet. The other side is my dedicated to my office.
When the closet organizer was installed I started to move all my clothes in there. I didn’t really organize anything or try to even make it look pretty. Call it lazy, but I was in school when this was put up so I didn’t have time to do anything. But…now that I have all the time in the world I thought I would finally try and fix this MESS.
The other day I was shopping at Carson’s with my boyfriend and while he was in the fitting room I saw this.

I thought it would be cool to arrange my clothes according to this chart, since it looked like this.

After a few hours it ended up looking like this. …which I loveeeeeeee! Now I can see everything I have and if I have a certain color in mind that I want to wear I’ll just go to that section ;) It even made the room look a little bigger.

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Anonymous said...

looks awesome ginny <3