Friday, January 21, 2011

valentines day

Valentines Day is approaching! It’s my favorite holiday so I thought I would write about it :)
Do you decorate for it? I’ll be honest, I don’t…but how lovely would it be to walk in and see this? Talk about a creative romantic gesture!

It’s crazy how some blank paper and a little imagination can make someone feel so special. My boyfriend did it last Valentines Day. I was led into his room with my eyes closed. When I opened them there was a picnic table setup with my faves: sushi, veggies and coke. He also had “Kiss Me” by Sixpence None the Richer playing …which made me feel like I was in this movie
And then the water works started lol.
It was seriously 10,000x better than any 5 star restaurant. And he says he’s not romantic ;)
After the delightful picnic we went on a Ghost Tour. Not a traditional way to spend Valentines Day but we had fun :)

I have to think of something creative to do this year, besides this banana thing which I’m totally going to give Mike lol.

Any ideas? Let me know! xoxo

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