Sunday, January 30, 2011

my dance floor

I have to go back to the beginning of the story for this post.

When I first moved in my apartment it had maroon carpeted floors. I absolutely hated the color of it but my boyfriend hated the smell of it. He said the carpets were bad and that the carpet pad underneath was probably moldy. I hated the thought of ripping up the carpet but I also didn't want to die from breathing in mold soooooo we took the carpet out of the entire place.
I wanted to die when we did that because the cement floor had huge cracks in it and it was totally uneven and just one big mess. My mom got a friend to redo the cement floors and evened it out. Around that time I was into reading blogs and read one about painting cement floors. I thought it was a great idea and fit into my budget. I picked out a chocolate brown paint and went to work. When it looked MAROON! Ugh I was sooooo upset lol.
It started to look nice once I brought in my furniture and rolled out my carpet. I was actually starting to like it, but then I made a choice that changed everything.

I decided to have a halloween party.

The party was soooo much fun and I loved it but that's also when everything went downhill. The paint started to chip it started to look horrible.
I had to do something fast and cheap.

That's when I took a trip to Lowes and saw this cute/cheap wood wannabe dance floor tile. I bought a few boxes and went back home to start tiling.

It's almost finished, I think I need one more box to do the edges but it looks GREAT. Lovesssss it and it looks sooo much better than before.


she walks iin beauty said...

It looks great! I can't wait to have my own place to decorate it. Love the new layout btw.

G's_art said...

Thanks! It's definitely a lot more spacious now that I took out the love seat. I'm also planning on getting a new tv stand so that purple one will be a bar soon ;)