Wednesday, January 19, 2011

my failed attempt with a nail gun

When I have no idea what someone is talking about, I smile politely and giggle. And that’s exactly what I did when my friend Ben asked me if I knew what an air compressor was.

The other day I wanted to buy a nail gun, ya know like a little small girly one, but sadly Kmart didn’t have the one I wanted. Yes, I said Kmart.. So my friend Ben asked me if I wanted to borrow his, which I gladly accepted. The next day he brought this ginormous vacuum looking thing with a bright reddish pink hose and gray tool bag. He proceeded to tell me about the 3 nail guns in the bag, which was extremely heavy…at least for me. A staple gun, finishing gun and brad nail gun and each came with their own manual. He explained a little what each one did, but I just had no idea what he was talking about!

I felt like this kid

everyone kept telling me not to shoot my eye out. Or lose my fingers….

Which in the words of Mike & Snooki was

So I didn’t use it. :(

I tried Plan B…GORILLA GLUE!

I thought I would try to glue it first to see if it would hold, which it totally did! I glued the decorative pieces of wood and clamped them in place over night. I checked them this morning and there’s no way those things are going to come off. Gorilla glue saved the day! I will paint and measure today so I can get those storage shelves in there.

STAY TUNED (this is aimed at my boyfriend…he knows why)

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Ben Beaty said...

Don't be afraid of the nail gun. It's fun to use!

Gorilla glue is awesome! Don't use too much, otherwise bubbles will expand out of the seams.

Have fun!