Wednesday, June 22, 2011

i never finish anyth

Do you ever feel like your brain is going at 100 mph? That’s how I feel all the freakin’ time, seriously. I just have so many ideas and not enough hours in the day (and money in the bank, haha) to do them all. Looking back at my blog, I’ve noticed that I leave a lot of my projects un-finished. For instance, my refrigerator...I was supposed to have a chalkboard surface refrigerator but ended up dumping that idea to cover it in black contact paper. That tiny change made the biggest difference ever! People think we bought a new fridge! I never finished re-shooting the kitchen, I gotta get on that to show you just how amazing it looks now.

My boyfriend’s bedroom, but this one is not my fault. He has yet to clean out his million shoe boxes full of junk paper. I refuse to do anything in that bedroom until that situation is taken care of. But really all we have to do is hang picture frames back up and throw out that hideous desk. I asked him if he wanted me to paint his dressers with some cool design but I didn’t get a definite yes or no on that one. Sooo stay tuned for that project to be finished.

I recently started to mess around with my 2nd bedroom turned closet/office. I realized after I graduated that I never used my “office”. So, to get more out of my closet I took out the desk and moved in this purple kitchen cabinet-turned bookcase that you can see here holding up my tv and use it as my craft station instead. I re-used the whole black and white scheme that I did in my kitchen and painted one wall black. I’m trying to go for a glamorous/forever21 vibe with this closet and so far so good. But I still want to add a faux roman shade, get a sheepskin rug and somehow fit this chair into the mix. Pictures will be up soon (I hope haha)

But now that’s its summer, I want to leave these projects in limbo and throw myself into updating the front porch, backyard deck, and my back entryway. Once again I have 801,164,126 ideas that I hope to get done before summer is over.

Here’s my list.

1. Turn my lack coffee table into an outdoor bench.

When I moved this table out of the way to lay down tiles, I really loved the open feel it gave my living room. So I said “so long” to my table and kept it in my closet for months. I didn’t want to throw it out though, it’s still brand new looking thanks to me being extremely anal and making people use coasters and placemats lol, but no one wanted it either. I moved it into my kitchen when I started re-doing my closet and happened to sit down on it. It’s extremely sturdy, and so a light bulb went off giving me the idea to make it into a bench. But it wasn’t until I started thinking about the front porch when I got the idea to make an outdoor seating area and put it there. I do have to buy some sealer and paint it to make sure I don’t get water damage. But there’s idea #1.

2. Paint my back door black.

Yes, I wanted it red before, like my front door but I didn’t think it would match my awesome security door. I’ll pick up some black exterior paint soon.

3. Paint can planters.

I saw this on another blog and it looks AWESOME, plus with all the paint jobs I do I have plentyyyyyyyyyyy of empty paint cans.

That’s all I can think of for now, until then I’m thinking this should be my slogan.


Please? :)

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