Wednesday, March 23, 2011

bright red

I've always wanted a red front door.
I’m pretty sure when I buy my first home that’s one of the first things I’ll paint. But since I don’t have my own house or own front door (one of the downfalls of a garden apartment) I decided to paint the upstairs exterior door. Now before I get into the story let me start off by saying that our front door was crying for a new coat of paint. When we first moved in....12 or so years ago, we had a beautiful (painted) brown wooden door. Over the years the paint job started to chip and wear off and guess what color was shining through? GREEN!!! And not just any green, it’s like a mint green. Who has a mint green front door??? Anyways, I showed my mom the paint, just to see what her reaction would be and thankfully it was good :). Now that I had the a-ok, I grabbed my stuff and went to work.
The first thing I did was sand the door down. I wanted to get as much of the paint off as possible to make the painting process easier. After about 20 minutes of my hand sander shaking my entire body (it’s really strong) I decided it was done and wiped it down with a wet cloth. Then came the grueling paint job.
I thought it would take 1 coat for the door, to which I was sadly mistaken. I painted Thursday night from 6-9 (just in time to watch Jersey Shore) and the brown was still showing through. On Saturday I painted another 2 coats and finally on Sunday the last coat. I had to scratch off all the red I got on the glass, lock and knob but I think it looks stunning. I’m pretty sure Elizabeth Arden would approve.
Check out the pics :D

This is just the beginning of the front porch update. I plan on re-painting the outer edges of the door white, grabbing some flower pots and getting new address numbers. I’ll keep you guys posted with the updates.

*Post Update*
This is the red paint I used for the door.

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Anonymous said...

Great job! Love this! What kind of paint did you use? Love the color!!