Sunday, April 24, 2011

black & white kitchen

Don’t you hate when bloggers don’t write for weeks at a time and just leave everyone in suspense? Yeah me too…sorry :/

But guess what? I semi-finished the Kitchen project! Remember the list

I crossed off what I did.

1. Paint the kitchen

2. Paint the Island/Stools

3. Cabinets

4. Kitchen Skirt
5. Paint the refrigerator
6. Window treatments
7. Cork board Update

Painting the kitchen was hard for everyone. I did the black walls on a day no one was there. I nearly almost killed myself  when I slipped from trying to stand on my tippy toes and paint the trim. That’s when I said “I don’t think so!” and made my brother paint the trim :) lol. Then my brother and mom painted the ceiling and big wall white.

I didn’t get a chance to make the kitchen skirt, but I did clean the heck out of the sink area, and it actually looks nice. I might keep it like that. I also didn’t get a chance to paint the refrigerator only because I keep forgetting to buy the paint! I always put reminders of my phone, but then I press snooze a million times and it slips my mind once again. I’ll eventually get to it. We also didn’t get window treatments because my mother and I have different views on curtains…but we did manage to settle on transparent contact paper. So a trip to Lowes seems to be in my future (which I always love) We also put a halt to the corkboard idea. My mom wants to put the TV where I envisioned the enormous corkboard soooooo that’s that.

But here’s a look of before and (almost) afters...

AFTER...So far :)

We still have to add some art to the bare walls, paint the fridge, trim around the fridge, move the tv....etc.

To be continued ....

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AN-G said...

O absoutely love the black walls they look amazing!!!!