Thursday, May 5, 2011

thanks urban outfitters!

My friend Griselda bought me some stuff from Urban Outfitters for my birthday. I adored her gifts but I also loved the bag it came in lol. Random, I know. The material of the bag was so cool, and it was designed so well that I couldn't just throw it I kept it.

Its home was my bed railing for a while but after months of looking at it I decided it needed a better home. Somewhere it could be appreciated more..

This bag moved over to couch, and it got some plastic surgery too.

My new pillow rocks!

btw-I didn't use a flash and that's why the pics are soooooo yellowish. =/ oh well.


mroman86 said...

LOL.... this is sooo funny!!! I looove it!! i have a really cute MAC bag, ya want it for a pillow?... oh ginny damn you and your ideas!! lol :P

G's_art said...

If it's material-like GIVE IT TO ME! lol ;)

Sara said...

Hey, that is a cool idea! I have some of those bags, waiting for some new life!