Monday, May 2, 2011

baby onesies

Baby Showers are so much fun. Delicious food, hilarious games and great people…who can ask for more? I went to two baby showers for my friends Ryan & Jodi who are having a baby boy very soon. Mike and I bought them a diaper genie and something else, I forget :/ but I kinda wanted our gift to stand out at the second shower. I was certain they were going to get hundreds of presents like the first one (I’m not even exaggerating) so I decided on a custom gift.

I love customizing stuff. Maybe because I have a complex since I have one of the weirdest names in the world and I can never find stuff with my name on it. I’ve always had to put my name on things myself :(. Well, they’re picking a great name for the baby so I’m sure he won’t have any problems with tourist knickknacks, but I still wanted to do something special. And then I thought of his parents.

Adorable! :)
These 2 particular people are a part of two very different (friend) crews. One is called the H.H.C (Hi Hater Crew) and the other is the Embute Crew. I researched the parents to see if either crew had logos already made, but I wasn’t finding anything so I made my own logos for them lol. I did take inspiration from some of the things they posted on their facebook pages like a hand print and a softball team t-shirt and kinda made it my own. I did some Photoshop roughs of them and sent them to Mike for feedback, after he ok’ed everything that’s when the fun began.

Mike bought some baby onesies and I used iron on sheets to transfer them onto the material. I made 5 in total with some different designs on each.

Mike and I both loved how they turned out and I was sooooooo excited to give it to them, but it fell on the day of my friends surprise Bridal Shower, so I sent Mike to represent for the both of us with the gift .But I heard they loved it ;) I also designed the candy wrappers, which I thought would make a cute onesie :)

And as for the Bridal Shower, I had a blast…look at my picture.

Yes, I really did make my present match my dress lol.
It made the bride & groom to be laugh …mission accomplished :)


Liz said...

Those onesies are adorable!!!! Those are the best type of gifts that really showed how much thought was put into it.

G's_art said...

Thanks! I'm just glad they liked them...and remembered what my gift was ;)