Sunday, April 24, 2011

caulk gunnin'

Have you ever caulked? I had no idea what caulk even was until a few weeks ago lol.

Funny story, one time I bought some wood glue in one of those caulk-like tubes...and when I got home I had no idea how people were supposed to squeeze that stuff out. That's when my boyfriend said I needed a caulk gun. LOL! I had no idea! He made fun of me for weeks...

But now I'm just a caulking machine! Since I was fixing up the kitchen, I noticed that out caulk was so worn out and dirty from all the cooking. I went to Lowes, stood in front of all the caulk choices for about 15 minutes, got frustrated and just picked one.

Here's the breakdown of what I did.

1. Take out the old caulk using a blade
2. Clean out the area
3. Tape off the top and bottom
4. Caulk
5. Use my finger to smooth out the bead
6. Stand back and look at what an awesome job I did on my first caulk experience

My mom has never been so proud of me. It's true...she said it. 


Me, cutting away at the grease infested caulk strips.


This is the caulk that I settled on. It worked great!

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