Wednesday, August 24, 2011

alley art

A couple weeks ago I found this painting in my boyfriends alley. Sure, it's not the most attractive painting ever, but I was loving the frame. It looks and feels rich to me. So I grabbed it and put it in my work dungeon. Well I finally had time to re-do it and this is what I came up with.

I painting it all white and kept it simple with peace & heart graphics. It was strictly black and white, but it was Mike's idea to fill in the heart with spray paint to give that cool effect.
He also contributed the perfect name: "My heart bleeds for peace".

*Post Update*
I was just informed this is the Mercedes logo....whoops!
I'll fix it and repost soon ;) 


Anonymous said...

Um. a better name might be "my heart bleeds for Mercedes-Benz", 'cause that ain't a peace sign.

G's_art said...

Whoops!!!!! Well I do love the finer things in life lol

But I'll definitely fix this asap! Thanks for the heads up!! :)